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Custom Photo Forms

Updated: Mar 17

A decade ago, our team was leveraging custom software to assist with pole attachments across our region. One of the biggest pieces of this workflow was our "Photo Form," a marked-up photo of each pole that indicated all existing heights and the plan for the proposed new attachment.

As it turned out, defensible photo data is very valuable to pole owners, and such documentation can be used to create a comprehensive make ready plan for all parties on the pole. Eventually, we were given the opportunity to manage third-party pole attachments for our local power company, which led to the development of Katapult Pro and a litany of its features.

The Photo Form has remained an important part of our workflow (and the industry!) and continues to develop alongside the rest of the platform. Our newest version, soon to be deployed as part of Katapult Pro v4.0, is a custom tool that can be used to supplement any pole attachment or audit workflow.

The new Photo Forms allow dynamic marker placement (the circles at the end of each leader) which improves the visual comprehension of existing conditions for all involved. Katapult Pro users can also configure their own colors, branding, and attributes included to create a list of custom Photo Forms for each market and client.

As seen in the snip above, users create custom forms using the Model Editor to tweak the colors, branding, and other details about the form. The attributes used in the Page Info and Attribute Info sections are pulled directly from the Model Editor, so new attributes can be created and then added to the Photo Form for additional customization. The completed Photo Forms can be delivered to your client by selecting the correct form from the dropdown list in the Download Manager.

Thanks for reading! Questions or comments? Call us at (717) 432-0716 or send us an email at

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