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  • Adam Schmehl

Katapult Pro Saved Views

Updated: Mar 20

Another new addition to Katapult Pro v4.0 is the saved views feature, which allows users to configure the way that jobs are displayed, and control the default view when a job is shared with others. This is a useful tool to control the potential "information overload" when sharing work with a contractor or client that may not need every detail that your team used to perform make ready engineering and pole loading analysis.

Saved views can be accessed from the Map Layers button in the lower left of the Katapult Maps interface. You can toggle on existing saved views or click "Manage Saved Views" to create new ones, edit your current views, or set existing saved views as the default when sharing with others.

Once you have configured your labels, active legend, and map base, you can click "+ New Saved View" to add a new view with your current map settings. You can also save your map position and current selected item if there is a specific location that you would like to highlight. Using the three-dot menu, you can set a saved view as the default for future sharing.

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