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About Us

The Team Redefining an Industry


Katapult Engineering has been a leading OSP engineering, software development, and consulting firm for over 30 years. Our work to develop industry-defining solutions is the result of decades of service work; ranging from being the boots on the ground for local utilities and fiber companies to administering third-party pole attachments, one-touch make ready engineering, pole loading analysis, and more.

We value lasting partnerships and relationships that are designed to help both parties grow and prosper. Based in Dillsburg, PA, we have partnerships of all shapes and sizes, from serving large teams such as PPL Electric Utilities to more local engineering firms such as Advantage Engineers. Our customers range in size from large firms with hundreds of designers to individual contractors collecting data in the field—just like how we started in 1991.

What sets us Apart

We’re uniquely positioned to equip and support your team to better serve your clients and the industry. We strive to help you grow a business that outperforms expectations and can adapt to solve any challenge.

We're Experts​

in the industry.

We have relevant and deep knowledge of the industry and what it takes to make projects more effective and profitable. Our team engineers 10,000s of poles each year in Katapult Pro to help us continue to build great solutions!

We'll Help You Grow

so you can scale fast and increase your team’s impact.

We designed our solutions based on needing to scale our own business in healthy ways. Our pricing and terms are modeled to reward growth, not impede it. We care deeply about how our software impacts your team and your work.

We Value Fair Exchange

and don’t view business as a zero-sum game.

We believe everyone at the table can win. We’ll never trap you into a bad contract or unfair pricing scheme. We’ll work hard to reduce pain and get results instead of making excuses or hiding behind the fine print.

Software Development

  • Real-time GIS Design

  • Photogrammetry

  • Custom Data Exports

  • Make Ready Automation

  • Integrated Pole Loading

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Katapult Engineering in Dillsburg, PA
19 N Baltimore St. Dillsburg, PA
*Main Headquarters   |   *Other Offices
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