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Your Team Makes the World a Better Place

Effective broadband deployment is essential for the customers you serve. From design and data collection to application permits and construction, your work does more than provide fast and efficient internet–it connects families and businesses through safe and reliable utilities.

But the process

Applicants push for faster permits, pole owners try to guard against unsafe shortcuts, and incumbents desperately cling to their market share. This tension makes the world of pole attachments feel like a zero-sum game.
But it doesn’t have to be.

You can change the game.

Katapult Pro tackles the core challenges of the pole attachments process so you can take on new projects, scale your team, and crush your goals.

Collect better

pole data safer

and faster than ever.

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Key Features

Real-time Cloud Database
Work together in a dataset that always represents one version of truth. Share projects with partners and clients with the click of a button. View and make changes in real-time from anywhere.
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GIS Map Base
Tie design elements to their true geolocations. Tie photos and engineering data to the map–all automatically.
Measurable Photos
Capture existing and proposed conditions to the real pole and attachments in question. Host virtual rideouts and disputes to discuss defensible data. Measurements up to 50’ with 3” total error (¼” MR error).
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Default Workflow
Leverage decades of experience to hit the ground running on day one. Utilize common design elements, workflows, QC steps, and deliverables to produce immediate value while building out your custom services and offerings.
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Editable Models
Endless customization of attributes, map styles, deliverables, and workflows to go above and beyond for your clients and partners. Tweak your setup to serve new customers.
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Custom Attributes
Quickly add new data types, picklists, tables, and more to populate photo and map data.
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Configurable QC
Check your work at the click of a button and build workflows that allow your people to quickly fill in the gaps or fix mistakes.
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Out-of-the-box and Custom Deliverables
Provide web, photo, map, and spreadsheet deliverables at the click of a button. Or, work with our team to create an automated legacy download, such as a pole profile sheet.
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Unified Platform
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Perform data collection, make ready, and integrated pole loading over one platform.
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"Since 2020, TechServ has relied on Katapult Pro as a pivotal tool in our Joint Use Administration, and it's been instrumental in facilitating the collection and engineering of over 2 million poles since 2021. Its user-friendly interface and versatile API have made it an integral part of our engineering and project management ecosystem."
Director of Technical Services
Andrea Sfondrini, P.E.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a free 60 minute consultation, and in less than 24 hours we’ll get you a proposal tailored to your team’s goals. If Katapult Pro isn't a great fit for your project, we'll connect you with a team or solution that is.
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Funding continues to flood the market, leading to an onslaught of applications across the US. Until we address the core issues facing the industry, the backlog will only grow, and with it distrust between applicants and joint use departments. There’s a better way to bring reliable utilities to people.

We’re confident Katapult Pro will make your workflow faster and more efficient. If after 90 days you don’t agree, we’ll help you exit, refund your licensing, and recommend a different solution. 
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