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Engineering Services

Utility Services in South Central PA 

Our team leverages decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to tackle the challenges of overhead distribution so you can focus on providing reliable utilities to your community. 

Broadband funding is flooding the market.

Overhead facilities are still the primary way that electrical service and internet make it to our communities. But mismatched priorities and misalignment within the pole attachments process make it expensive and difficult to attach—even when it is done safely.

The pole attachments process should expedite this and protect our grid.

Your customers and their communities matter to us. We'll work hard to share our expertise and provide exceptional engineering so that you can provide utilities to your customers safely and quickly.

Services for Pole Owners

Joint Use Management

Let our team help handle attachment applications to better review, track, and communicate the pole attachments process.


We also provide full-stack joint use services, from route determination to make ready engineering, permit submissions and post-construction inspections.
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Data Collection


Our crews provide defensible photo, mapping, and measurement data quickly and safely.

Electrical Make Ready


Our team is highly experienced in delivering power make ready for major utilities and understands how upholding distribution standards impacts the long-term reliability and safety of the grid.

One-Touch Make Ready

We’re a leader in OTMR and can provide your attachers with Simple make ready solutions without compromising any of your priorities. We are a utility-approved one-touch engineering vendor.


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Services for Attachers




Leverage our 30+ years of experience to expand your footprint and form lasting relationships with utilities.

One-Touch Make Ready


OTMR is a key solution to some of the major issues facing attachments—as an approved one-touch vendor, our team can help you establish trust and build faster.
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What sets us Apart

We’re uniquely positioned to provide overhead distribution services that positively impact communities in our backyard. We look forward to partnering with you to bring reliable utilities to people!

Innovation Included:

We have built-in access to industry-leading software development teams and leverage technology and automation to serve you better.

Effective Solutions:

We care about the end result of our work and how it impacts people. We won't turn our brains off or blindly follow process.

Fair Exchange:

We don't think anyone has to lose in order for us to win. We'll share our tools, our knowledge, and best practices so that our work together has a lasting, positive impact.

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Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a free 60-minute consultation today! We’ll discuss your needs and how Katapult can help you win. 
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So often the expectations and strains of the pole attachments process distract from the valuable work you do. Our team has the skills and services to help share the load so you can focus on bringing reliable utilities to the people who need them most.   

If you are ever unhappy with our performance or pricing, we will be fully transparent and share lessons learned, processes, and data to help equip the team you choose to replace us.
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