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Katapult Pro Data Collection

You put in the work to collect great data

Your team members spend hours in the field, bushwhacking through the woods and braving extreme conditions. It’s tough work, but your carefully collected data is the foundation for quality engineering decisions.

Manual Data Collection isn’t Defensible.

Sticking hundreds of poles places a huge burden on your engineers. Despite the careful, detailed work your team does, that data is subject to disputes throughout the make ready process.

Build Better Solutions with Better Data.

Katapult Pro Data Collection lets inexperienced team members contribute value from day one, using a photo data system to collect highly detailed and defensible data faster than ever. Effective and efficient data collection isn’t just possible–it's the new industry standard.



Two-Person Workflow


Lower field exposure and collect higher volumes of poles more safely with photo collection.

Offline Collection


Collect data and edit designs even in areas with poor connectivity. 
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Attribute Tracking


Provide feedback to staff and subcontractors with user time stamps of when certain actions are taken.

Measurable Photos


Capture existing and proposed conditions to the real pole and attachments in question. Host virtual rideouts and disputes to discuss defensible data. 
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Custom Deliverables.png

Out-of-the-box & Custom Deliverables


Provide web, photo, map, and spreadsheet deliverables at the click of a button. Or work with our team to create an automated legacy download, such as a pole profile sheet.

Mobile Assessments


Create custom forms for data entry from the field when necessary. 
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PCI - As-Built Documentation Screenshot.png

As-Built Documentation


Capture measurable post-construction photos to identify engineering deficiencies.
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"At LightPath, we engineer new pathways for connection with a steadfast commitment to integrity and quality. Katapult Pro software has helped ensure that our team fulfills this mission for our clients. It empowers us to produce precise strand maps and concurrently collect and process essential pole attachment data with speed and precision. This software has been pivotal in accelerating the onboarding of many new hires, granting them a competitive edge within their initial months of deployment. Its adaptable workflow ensures a smooth transition between projects, and working with the responsive Katapult support staff is a joy at every turn. I only wish Katapult Pro had been available when I began in the industry 30 years ago."
 Ed Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, LightPath Communications

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a free 60 minute consultation and in less than 24 hours we’ll get you a proposal tailored to your team’s goals. If we can’t address your needs, we’ll connect you with someone who can. 
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Tight timelines and a flood of funding continues to put pressure on joint use departments across the nation as work piles up. Help your team get ahead and beat the backlog with Katapult Pro.

We’re certain that Katapult Pro will improve your team’s workflow, but if after 90 days you don’t agree, we’ll help you exit, refund your licensing, and recommend another solution.
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