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Reliable Utilities For People

The challenges of pole attachments don’t just slow your team down–they make reliable broadband difficult and dangerous. At Katapult, we don’t think connecting people should be complicated. That’s why we’ve created a platform that tackles the challenges you face every day, so you can provide reliable internet faster than ever before. 
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Simpler, Smarter, Safer

You make the world a better, safer, closer place. We want to make it easy. Designed to make data collection and make ready engineering safer and faster, Katapult Pro streamlines your workflows so you meet and exceed your goals. 
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  • Data Collection
    Gather accurate, defensible photo measurements for permitting and make ready engineering—without ever entering the power space.
  • Make Ready Engineering
    Simplify engineering workflows with automated violation flagging, intelligent design tools, and a built-in loading engine to propose better solutions.
  • Joint Use Management
    Accept and facilitate pole attachment applications from start to finish for transparent collaboration with attachers and their contractors.

Interested? Here's What Happens Next:

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Doing things the right way doesn’t have to mean
doing it the difficult way.

The right way means getting it done faster while building trust with the pole owners and vendors you work with. By emphasizing trustworthy relationships and great engineering, we build an industry better equipped to provide reliable utilities for people. 

We’d love to hear about your projects and discuss how Katapult Pro can serve you.

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Katapult Engineering in Dillsburg, PA
19 N Baltimore St. Dillsburg, PA
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