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Katapult Pro Make Ready Engineering

Calling make ready is no small feat

Every part of the pole attachments process demands flexibility and critical thinking, but calling make ready requires a special set of skills. Every day, your team combines creativity and expertise to solve complex problems for safer, faster attachments. 

Growing New Experts Takes Time.

Getting inexperienced team members up to speed and proficient in make ready standards takes months of training. With the number of projects your team is juggling, your time is best spent teaching the right solutions rather than training new staff to identify violations.

Design Effective Solutions Without Years of Experience.

Leverage even your newest designers from day one using Katapult Pro Make Ready. Import NESC or GO95 clearances, then adjust rules for specific pole owner standards. Get real-time results on pole loading analysis and share engineering designs with all involved parties to build broadband safely and quickly. 



Comm & Conductor Tracing

Document the aerial plan throughout your project to simplify annotations, model reality for pole loading analysis, and identify midspan clearance violations generated by moves at the poles.


NESC23 Clearances

Auto-flag all clearance violations at once for an entire project.


Custom Make Ready Rules

Edit make ready rules to model the specific standards within your market.


Integrated Pole Loading

View real-time pole loading analysis results as you call make ready.

Make Ready Heat Maps

Use map styles to highlight where engineering is needed and create hotspots where expensive make ready construction is necessary.



Make Ready Notifications

Generate a report with one click to highlight required make ready work. Break down work based on simple versus complex for one touch make ready.

Real-Time Pole Loading Analysis

Leverage existing and proposed pole data for real-time loading results in Katapult Pro, or export data to SPIDAcalc, O-Calc Pro, or PoleForeman. Share data with involved parties with flexible export and reporting options.



Cost Causer Filtering

Evaluate pre-existing attachment violations using attacher filters to see where construction went wrong and who might be responsible.
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ADB Companies
"Since moving to Katapult Pro we have been able to double production for engineering time on a weekly basis. Fielding timelines have increased drastically as well due to the ease of use within the software. Roll backs have reduced by 90%. Customization has far exceeded expectations and no other software can compare when it comes to functionality and integration into existing work flows. Everything from photo forms, map sets, and being able to share projects with clients to gain real time updates far exceeds competitors."
Engineering Operations Manager

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a free 60 minute consultation and in 48 hours we’ll get you a proposal tailored to your team’s goals. If we can’t address your needs, we’ll connect you with someone who can. 
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Between an influx of funding and shorter timelines, efficient and accurate make ready engineering is more important than ever. Leverage the best tools in the industry to exceed your goals and expand your footprint.

We’re confident Katapult Pro can revolutionize the way you call make ready. If after 90 days you don’t agree, we’ll help you exit the software, refund your licensing, and suggest a different solution.
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