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Katapult Pro Joint Use Management

You make pole attachments possible

You do more than manage pole attachments. You build and maintain relationships between applicants, incumbents, and contractors—because you know that a resilient grid demands collaboration and coordination. 

The Application Process Causes Pain.

Joint use departments are overwhelmed with emails and spreadsheet updates for hundreds of attachment applications, engineering updates, permit requests, and construction timelines. Ineffective tools and poor visibility feed distrust between applicants and pole owners.

Gain Trust with Built-In Transparency.

Take control of your workflow with a joint use portal that streamlines attachments and gives applicants visibility into the process. Transparency between pole owners, attachers, and contractors means everybody wins—with better data, safer designs, and faster delivery.

Application Management

Harness an Application Management portal for greater transparency and better collaboration with attachers. Process and track applications with a public-facing portal, or combine with Make Ready Engineering tools to create a full Joint Use Management program. 


Portal Workflow

Manage applications via a public-facing interface for applicants to request attachments. Present one version of the truth with an easily accessible database that harnesses best-in-class cloud security. Advance applications faster with instant updates and no delays due to calendar days.
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Hosted Utility Records

Use secure file transfer protocol to share available pole locations and conductor information for better submissions and engineering. 

Default Implementation

Get started on day one with an out-of-the-box workflow, suggested statuses, and attributes.

Custom Configuration

Tweak default settings with custom application types, statuses, actions, notifications, timelines, searchable attributes, and more. Train and certify teams to customize and configure the portal.
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Required Attributes

Automatically vet attachment requests for completeness prior to submission to ensure quality applications and minimize repeat submissions.

Automatic Email Notifications

Automate notifications to relevant parties. Increase visibility and improve project timelines with automated status updates, time events, and more. 
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Transparent Timelines

Create custom timers for application types with set events and alerts. Share survey data and make ready engineering decisions with all parties.

Integration with Industry-Leading Engineering Tools

Leverage submitted applications for data collection design. Build solutions based on utility MRE/PLA standards. Use virtual rideouts to review engineering in a cost-effective and transparent way. Track attributes and feedback to grow vendors quickly. 
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"Since 2020, TechServ has relied on Katapult Pro as a pivotal tool in our Joint Use Administration, and it's been instrumental in facilitating the collection and engineering of over 2 million poles since 2021. Its user-friendly interface and versatile API have made it an integral part of our engineering and project management ecosystem."
Andrea Sfondrini, P.E.

Schedule a Meeting

Tell us about your project scope, and within 24 hours or less we’ll propose a plan custom-tailored for your needs. If we’re not the right fit for your team, we’ll connect you with someone who is.
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As funding floods the market, joint use departments are under more pressure than ever. The longer we wait to address these issues, the more tense relationships become. Revolutionize the way you process pole attachments with the new industry standard.  

If after 90 days you don’t think Katapult Pro has improved your team’s workflow, we’ll refund your license, help you exit the software, and suggest another solution. 
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