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Katapult Pro Post-Construction Inspections Workflow

Updated: Feb 13

As we discussed before, post-construction inspections are a great way to ensure that the third-party attachments process leaves each pole in a condition that meets the pole owners' distribution standards.

We've developed tools to make the post-construction inspection workflow as seamless as possible in the Katapult Pro platform. Here is a brief outline of the process.


1. Prep Job For Post-Construction Inspections (PCI)

In your Office Tools, press the "Prep For Post Construction" tool. This will remove the "field_completed" and "done" attributes from the job and place watermarks on the pre-construction photos, as well as create a snapshot of the job in its pre-construction state. Now, field crews can return to the field to take as-built documentation photos of the job.

An open job in Katapult Pro, with "Prep Job for Post Construction" highlighted

2. Field Collection

Collecting as-built documentation with Katapult Pro simplifies the process since your team already has a record of the heights on the pole and the make ready plan. This means that no height stick is required to re-measure the new build, except in the cases of pole replacements. Additionally, no special lens is required to accurately measure the new photos, so teams can use a phone, tablet, or a variety of SLR zoom lenses.

*For pole replacements, you will still need to use a Katapult-approved camera or lens and a height stick with known heights.*

The post-construction inspection field workflow is much simpler than standard 3PA data collection. The workflow can be performed by either a single field technician or a team of two field technicians equipped with a camera and mobile device. A single technician would navigate to the site and take a new height photo of each pole, marking each location as "done" on the mobile interface for auto-association back in the office. A team of two would have one driver and one photographer, and there are a few mobile tools that make navigation and rapid collection from the vehicle safe and smooth.

White car with Katapult logo on the side is parked by a field crew member collecting as-built documentation for post-construction inspections

3. Back-Office Workflow

Once the new photos have been uploaded to the system and automatically associated, users can use the "PCI Routine" tool to begin a routine that allows you to place calibration points on the new photo using measurements from the pre-construction photo. Once your photo has been calibrated, you can transfer the proposed heights to the new photo and call any new make ready for deficiencies discovered in the post-construction photo.

Two pictures of a pole, highlighting the transferred heights from pre-construction to post-construction inspections

Thanks for reading! For more details, check out our Post Construction Inspections Manual. Have further questions? Reach us at 717.430.0910 or

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