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Katapult Pro Version 3.1

On November 1st, the newest version of Katapult Pro (3.1) will be live for all users at! Users have had access for the past month via /next, giving teams a chance to try out the new features before the official rollout this week.

The biggest change in this new version is the addition of Offline Mode, which allows field teams to place time buckets and edit the design from the field even if their device doesn't have a cellular connection.

Katapult Pro will now go offline (and back online) automatically in areas with spotty reception, and users will also have the option to cache multiple job designs on their device beforehand. In some areas, Google Maps aerial imagery will not be available (see photo above) when offline.

The newest version of our software also improves the management of framing units on crowded photos by auto collapsing markers as seen above. Users can quickly expand markers with a right-click on their mouse while hovering over the selected marker. Another feature in v3.1 is the side docking of photo association and scraping warnings, which allows users to zoom to and dismiss automated QC prompts while cleaning up node information.

Additional features of v3.1 include:

  • Improved photo uploads (auto-retry when internet cuts out, progress bar for drag-and-drop uploads)

  • The ability to center map on GPS location (mobile)

  • Power shortcuts for Make Ready users

  • Undo Time Bucket (mobile)

There are several other subtle additions to the platform that you might encounter over the coming months as we begin development on Katapult Pro v4.0. Let us know if you have questions about the newest interface or what is coming down the pipeline in the future!

Thanks for reading! if you have questions or comments , call us or shoot us a message at!

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