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One Touch Make Ready Regulations

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Last Thursday, the FCC passed the Declaratory Ruling and Report and Order designed to speed access to utility poles.

The major implication of this decision is one touch make ready. OTMR will allow new attachers to perform simple make ready moves on existing attachments to accelerate their broadband deployment. Prior to this decision, new attachers were required to wait while each existing attacher sent a truck out to perform make ready construction. Once each existing attacher had completed their make ready move, the new attacher could finally build their new attachment. The FCC believes this decision could result in more than $12 billion in fiber capital expenditures and will assist in both rural broadband deployment as well as advancing 5G technology.Along with the cuts to the attachment timeline, the decision made last week seeks to substantially lower costs and shorten project timelines. You can read Chairman Pai's statement here. For further reading check out the following articles: FCC Passes New OTMR Rules to Speed 5G Deployments, Fierce Wireless

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