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OTMR (One-Touch Make Ready) Practices Under the New FCC Pole Attachment Timeline

Updated: Feb 29

OTMR Blog Series

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This article was co-written with Katapult COO, Andrew Bryden, and represents the final installment in our series about OTMR (One-Touch Make Ready) practices and other new changes to the FCC pole attachment timelines.

FCC Attachment Timeline Comparison (2011 vs. 2019)

FCC timelines under new rules

Key Changes to the Application Process in 2019

  • Pole owners must accept or reject applications within 10 days of submittal. If the application is incomplete, the attacher can re-submit the application. Pole owners have five days to accept or deny the re-submitted application, but after the first 10 days cannot send it back to the attacher as "incomplete."

  • The window for make ready construction for normal and large order applications has considerably reduced by 30 days.

  • Pole owners must notify all existing and new attachers three days or more before the survey to allow participation from all impacted parties. Additionally, detailed make ready cost breakdowns must be available upon request.

  • Pole owners must provide foreign utility notifications with contact information to the new attacher.

What Are One-Touch Make Ready (OTMR) Best Practices?

When you have a working relationship with the pole owner, a one-touch make ready application should follow these steps:

  1. Notify involved parties of your intent to survey

  2. Submit poles that require no make ready or simple make ready

  3. Notify affected parties of intent to execute OTMR construction

  4. Attach your new cable and perform necessary simple make ready construction

  5. Notify affected parties when your work is complete

  6. Respond to discoveries made during the post- make ready inspection

How Will Overlash Work?

Under the FCC's new rules, overlash situations will not require attachers to submit an application. Instead, they are required to notify the pole owner and all impacted parties.

Breaking Down the New FCC Pole Attachment Timeline

Visual of the breakdown of the FCC Pole Attachment Timeline

For questions, comments, or discussions about these new regulations, contact us at 717-432-0716.

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