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"Dwell Happy" Cleans Up

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

I walked into our office this morning and as usual, took the tight left through our field equipment room, almost cleared the next doorway that spills into the hallway towards my office, and realized something changed. I took a couple steps back into the fielding room and looked around and noticed that everything had been put in it’s place and cleaned, but not only that, it was only stuff that should be in this room, and they had a specific place to live. I quickly dropped off my stuff in my (not so organized office) and walked down the hall, “Did you clean the room?” I asked multiple folks as people came in to stow their lunch away or grab some coffee in the break room. It turned out it was a local company and friends of ours from Carlisle, PA who came in over the weekend and turned our field equipment room and closet upside down and put things back in order.

Dwell Happy specializes in “Organization by category” Not your typical “Clean House” tv show style of cleaning and organizing. You don’t have to be on Hoarders to become a client of theirs. They believe that the key to organizing is to keep only the items that you absolutely need and truly make you happy. They will walk alongside you as you practice and create your own good habits of organizing.

Benefits include more time and energy, more money, more generosity, more freedom, less stress, less distraction, less environmental impact, higher quality belongings, better example for your kids, less work for someone else, less comparison and more contentment. -from

Visit to learn more about their methods and services. Head over and read about what they wrote about us!

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