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The Katapult Method: Part 3

Updated: Feb 22

When our pole survey is complete, we are ready to upload our data and begin processing the job in Katapult Pro.

We offload our camera photos to a folder on a hard drive containing the date, as well as team members' initials. This increases the speed of photo uploads, and allows us to quickly find photos if they get misplaced.

The next step is to open the upload tool in our software. The Upload page greets us with a question: How many cameras are you using? Once you enter the number of cameras you used, you can click the next arrow in the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Next, it'll have a place for each camera to upload photos from that camera. Click on one of the camera slot(s) and upload the images for the camera from the folder on a hard drive that you uploaded photos to. Once you're finished uploading photos to all camera slot(s), click the next arrow in the right-hand corner of the page to progress to the next step.

The software then prompts you to find sync photos automatically or manually. Once sync photos are

found, you'll want to enter the sync details (job name, time and date, time zone, and user) exactly as they appear in the sync shot.

This step allows our software to compensate for the differences in our cameras' internal clocks and syncs them with the universal clock.

After entering the field details, our software may provide warnings to assist in more intelligent uploading.

After checking these warnings, we then change any settings (notify project managers, notify remote processors) and then click "Upload" so the uploads can begin. The uploading page will have a progress circle and counter for how many photos are uploaded. You don't want your computer to fall asleep during this process, or some photos will have errors during the upload process.

To decrease upload time, uploads can be initiated from multiple computers. To do this, we simply offload the the files onto another desktop, and then repeat the upload process. On a second (or third) computer, we do not need to create another folder or cameras, we just drag the photos into the folder that is already uploading.

Our uploading process provides structure during our high-volume weeks when we need to process 10,000+ photos across 1,000+ poles using several different scopes of work.

This process is also more intuitive for our software subscribers (typically working with smaller volumes).

Next, we'll take a look at how we process and deliver our data in Katapult Pro in The Katapult Method: Part 4.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any questions? Call us at 717.430.0910 or email us at

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