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Fully-Administered Make Ready Standards

Pole owners’ main concerns tend to focus on two issues: safety and reliability within the grid. To help address these priorities, they create construction standards for their vendors to stick to. 

On the other hand, attachers want to steer the process to fit their workflows and timelines to simplify attachment processes. 

The FCC is moving to make OTMR an option for certain types of work to help relieve tensions between conflicting attacher and pole owner priorities. But for so much of the work, these efforts distract from the main focus of safety and reliability. 

Katapult Pro Application Management empowers pole owners to set the standards they care about to ensure consistency from their vendors. The portal facilitates pole owner standards for: 

  • Attachment records 

  • Application processes 

  • Timeline and status notifications 

  • Make ready clearances 

  • Pole loading standards 

  • Facility records 

  • Equipment/conductor specifications

  • Construction packages

The goal is to create transparent, shareable standards. Clear expectations allow pole owners to match incoming demand without sacrificing safety and reliability, and help attachers create safe, consistent processes every time. 

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