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Innovative OSP Engineering Technology

Updated: Feb 22

This is an archived website page from 2016

Since 1991, we've been building a reputation for delivering better OSP data - faster than anyone else. Our innovative technology pushes the boundaries of data collection, processing, and delivery. We serve utilities, fiber and cable companies, OSP engineering firms, and others looking to improve their data collection workflows. When used in conjunction, the Katapult Method and Katapult Pro eliminate communication gaps, safety risks, and countless other headaches involved in collecting, analyzing, and delivering field data.



Our field teams employ a unique data collection process for measuring cable heights, power conductors, and other utility pole attachments. A superior alternative to hot sticks, pole profile sheets, and laser-based data collection techniques, the Katapult Method is safer, faster, and a more efficient use of your resources. Our system provides the highest level of accuracy in pole attachment permitting, job design, make ready engineering, and pole loading analysis. This workflow operates in tandem with our software platform, Katapult Pro. The two integrate seamlessly into a full stack OSP solution for telecommunications and utilities alike. Your team can have the same success by pairing these systems for accurate data that is collected and delivered correctly the first time.

Picture of pole with calibrated heights on pole for OSP design.


Here at Katapult, we specialize in developing and maintaining advanced tools to process and manage OSP data throughout the life of your projects. Our key products include:

Katapult Pro — Our flagship software offering is a web application that allows users to design both aerial and underground jobs, upload and calibrate photos, annotate pole data, call make ready, and export to permitting sheets, pole loading platforms and more.

New Attachments Portal — Designed for pole owners to manage their joint use applications in compliance with the new FCC timelines, the attachments front end is built on the Katapult Pro engine for seamless integration with data collection and make ready engineering. Our front end is entirely customizable and compatible with legacy systems.

Katapult Pro OSP design portal options, with picture of a pole with calibrated heights, aerial view of satellite maps, and node information pop-out.


In addition to the flexibility and custom configuration of our primary software offering, our software development team creates innovative solutions for all of the complex challenges our clients face. No matter the challenge, we want to hear it.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and discover how we can assist you!


We’re in the pole business, but we’re also in the people business. Our team’s success hinges on being able to retain the brightest mad scientists in Central PA and around the globe. These are the folks that make Katapult Engineering such a fun place to work (ping pong, anyone?), and they’re also the project managers and developers who ensure your works success.

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