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Katapult: About Us

Recently, a local organization sat down with Andrew Bryden, our Chief Visionary Officer, and picked his brain about who Katapult is and what we do. We thought we’d take a second to share some of those insights.

What is Katapult?  

Katapult Engineering is an engineering services and software company. We specialize in online software to do distribution engineering, specifically for broadband deployment.

Can you give some background on the history of Katapult? 

Katapult Engineering is an engineering company that’s been in the Dillsburg area for more than 30 years—since 1991. We focused on broadband deployment in the area and we started developing software so other engineering firms across the United States could use the methods that we use to do good broadband and distribution engineering.

How has Katapult evolved over the years? 

Katapult Engineering started as Stine Consulting in Duane Stine’s basement many years ago. We’ve been designing for the installation of fiber optic cables throughout the years. We have always developed our own software so we could do it better. We evolved by making that software available nationwide so other firms can do similar engineering to document distribution poles and make sure the grid is reliable. Also, we’re committed to getting broadband deployed to people, so we do services locally, and we equip other firms with software to do it nationally.

What makes Katapult different from other engineering firms? 

We are never satisfied with the status quo. We’re always developing new technologies to make new and better workflows. We’re not just finding ways to execute efficiently on what is currently done. We’re finding new and better ways to do it. We’re innovating constantly. 

The other special part of Katapult is we never try to hoard that knowledge. We figure out what’s not working, we figure out better ways to do it, and then we make sure that it gets out. We run an engineering arm that does this work firsthand, and then we release software to the industry to make sure other teams are equipped to do what we do.

What is something you’re most proud of? 

I’d say one of the things I’m most proud of at Katapult is not what we do but how we do it. Choosing how we treat our employees and how we interact with the outside world is really important to us.

What does the future hold for Katapult?

I think the future for Katapult is continuing to get our software deployed nationwide and making sure we keep innovating and improving what that software can do. We also are getting to be really intentional with our engineering services. We’ve been successful enough that we can start choosing the projects we want to do. We want to be more intentional in choosing local and impactful work so we can do more for our community.

White Subaru with Katapult logo parked near a field

Thanks for reading! Got questions or looking for software to help simplify the pole attachments process? Contact us today! 

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