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Katapult Pole Audit: "Streetlight Survey"

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We at Katapult have been busy completing a survey of poles for streetlight replacement in multiple cities throughout Pennsylvania. These cities combine to draw on more than 4000 individual lights to illuminate every street, alley, and park within city limits. By providing accurate information to city engineers, we allow them to perform cost saving replacements with more efficiency, or to quickly and easily identify damaged equipment or underlit areas. Streetlights are an integral part of the image and safety of an area, and often need to be maintained on a marginal budget.A single Katapult employee can visit between 100 and 150 utility poles in a day, working either from a vehicle or on foot as the situation dictates. The surveyor produces clear, measurable and up-to-date images of the lighting bracket, secondary feeds, utility equipment as well as the area in which the construction team will need to work. In addition to handling data collection, he or she can field questions from curious citizens, allowing engineers to make important decisions without distraction. Katapult Pro, Katapult’s newest software release, allows the photos to be pinned automatically to their pole locations and overlaid onto a variety of online map services to clarify utility pole locations. These photos require minimal cleanup and are made available to the client through our intuitive online interface as soon as the next day.

This type of utility pole audit is one of many pole audit services that Katapult offers that allows field engineers to work with accurate counts and up to date visuals from the comfort of their own offices. We perform pole audits with real photos to increase efficiency and accuracy while minimizing the potential for human error.

For more information visit or contact us here to inquire about this kind of work.

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