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Katapult Pro Major Updates

Updated: Apr 17

Really good engineering requires a certain concoction of the right knowledge, the right team members, and the right tools. When it comes to doing your best work, you have the right crew and the right expertise. But getting the right tools can be tricky. 

As you crush goals and take on new projects, you need features that are flexible and reliable to grow with you.

That’s why we’ve continued to evolve the Katapult Pro platform to put the best tools in your team’s pocket. Since 2016, we’ve been improving our software to make sure you have the right features to make excellent engineering easier. 

Check out some of our major releases over the years to see if there are any tools that could help your team win!


  • Mobile Interface for field collection 

  • Katapult Pro released to external users 


  • Time buckets auto-close 

  • PLA exports to O-Calc, SPIDA, PoleForman 


  • Updated Interface 

  • Upload Page with Folders, Machine Learning 

  • Token Access for Authenticated Job Sharing 

  • Auto-Flag Make Ready Violations 

  • Custom Make Ready Rules 


  • Model Editor Overhaul and Setup Wizard 

  • Configurable Map Prints 

  • Configurable Photo Forms


  • Mobile Assessments (Custom Field Form) 

  • Post-Construction Inspections 


  • Standardized Training 

  • Bulk Job Processing 

  • Field Tools for RDOF Walkout 


  • Action Tracking and Feedback 

  • PE Review/Random Sampling 

  • One-Touch Make Ready 


  • Joint Use/Application Management Portal 

  • Utility-Administered Standards 

  • Shareable Models 

  • Job Ownership Transfer 


  • Integrated Pole Loading 

  • Attribute Tracking 

  • Virtual Rideout View 

  • Continuous Improvement Packages 

  • Map Print SVG Masks 

See something you’re unfamiliar with? Reach out to our team to learn more about the tools we offer and how to integrate them into your workflows! 

Contact us at for more information! 

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