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Katapult Pro Self-Paced Training

As the Katapult platform continues to grow and expand with new users, we need new ways to help teams onboard quickly and on their own timelines. To help keep teams moving forward, we’ve created a self-paced training guide for faster scaling and better team adoption. 

Why Self-Paced Training

Self-paced training sets teams up to learn the ins and outs quickly. With gradual stages, chapters, and checkpoints with our experts, teams can move at a pace they’re comfortable with. There’s no delay in waiting for guided training but teams still have access to help every step of the way. 

Even for those who have been in Katapult Pro for years, self-paced training prepares teams for certification so they can join the network of certified users. 

The Process 

Like our guided option, self-paced training is broken down into 5 units covering route determination to data collection to delivery. 

Project Management details power tools and organizational automation to simplify team processes and workflows.

Data Collection focuses on the equipment, field collection workflow, and other details that field techs and managers must know to be successful.

Data Processing discusses how to manage collected data in Katapult Pro, including photo calibration, association, measurement, and tracing.

Data Analysis outlines how to use make ready and pole loading tools to make great engineering decisions.

Delivery reviews export and deliverable options for Katapult Pro datasets.

While self-paced, users aren’t left on their own. The training plan includes links to documentation, so teams can answer the questions and tackle challenges on their own, but not alone.

How It Works 

While it’s up to teams to stay on top of training, the plan laid out allows teams to finish in as few as 15 days. Certification is included as part of the Training Plan. Our experts can field questions and provide feedback during check-ins after the second and fifth units. 

our self-paced training schedule

Teams can move as quickly or slowly as they’d like to get started with Katapult Pro. 

Why Training 

Training allows teams to onboard and scale faster. Teams have greater success when they take the time to learn the platform capabilities, ask questions, and engage with training for long-term adoption of the process. 

Once trained, users can become certified in Katapult Pro as well to test and prove their expertise within the platform. Users are assessed on their knowledge of essential tasks and functions. Those who pass will be added to the list of certified Katapult Pro teams. 

Thanks for reading! Questions about training and certification? Reach out to us at

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