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Leveraging Online Deliverables

Updated: Apr 4

Katapult Pro was designed for more than just data collection. Teams can do more than just check clearances or run analyses. The goal is to produce better deliverables, not static spreadsheets or pole profiles, which tend to lead to ineffective results and a lack of accountability. 

Static deliverables won’t create trust. They don’t help you develop better relationships with clients. They let you do the bare minimum and don’t leave room to improve your workflows. 

We built Katapult Pro to change the way people approach pole attachments. It started with photo-based data collection— transparent, defensible data that helped us get applications approved faster and build bonds of deeper trust. 

And that trust led to better relationships, detailed feedback, and areas to improve our workflows to better serve our customers. 

Some of the things we’ve learned along the way? 

Present one version of the truth.

Photo-based documentation helps us present defensible data that demonstrates real conditions on the pole. Read access allows users to limit who gets to edit data from those who only need to view it. That way you don’t have multiple folks changing data, and everyone can trust they’re viewing and working with the most up-to-date versions.  

Transparency builds trust.

Increased visibility and transparency at every step of the process help develop deeper relationships with partners, clients, and vendors.

Katapult Pro has been uniquely designed to help open up lines of communication and feedback. Read access is a free feature that allows teams to share their work with clients, partners, and other parties. Everyone can see the data. 

Data translation lets customers control deliverables.

Katapult Pro’s download manager allows users to download info and deliverables in the version and format that best suits their needs. Without limits on what kind of download type, teams can be confident they’re delivering the best version of data and meeting the highest standards for their customers. 

Read access helps make this increased trust and transparency possible. 

Teams can choose to: 

  • Share access to a single job or folder of jobs. 

  • Share with an existing contact, or a new email contact. 

  • Generate a token access link that expires at the time of your choosing. 

  • Allow viewers to see jobs, download deliverables, and provide feedback. 

Our support team can set up customers as Read Only Companies, so they have the power to invite and manage other free users. 

Changing the way you operate your workflows can be daunting, but taking the risk can result in long-term benefits for years to come, with greater trust and confidence. 

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