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Municipality Management Tool

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Traditionally, our mapping and data collection software is used to survey utility poles, assisting in utility joint use and fiber deployment.

Using a simplified version of our software, we developed a tool for municipalities that would allow residents to photo document community issues and needs. Municipalities can then assess all reports from the office and dispatch necessary parties to resolve the issues.

To access this tool, municipalities will provide a link on their homepage that directs to this form.

From here, residents will set their location and upload images of the issue. After the location, images, and notes have been submitted, municipalities can view the report via our mapping software.

For issues such as streetlight outages, potholes, vandalism, and more, this mapping tool can provide municipalities with a much easier way to assess community reporting. Work for a municipality? Think your community would benefit from this tool?

Call us at 717.432.0716 or email me at!

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