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Updated: Mar 21

This is an archived website page from 2016

Our Services and Solutions

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Our software and services are custom-tailored to meet the requirements of every project. As a firm, we combine the following services to operate as a model shop for our software clients across North America:

Katapult Pro Client Services — Our Client Services team works on both the software development and stability of the Katapult Pro platform. Katapult Pro is a full-stack solution for the pole attachment application process. In addition to keeping our software up and running well, our Client Services team supports our clients with custom coding projects, training and certification support, and equipment packages for data collection. Using the Katapult Pro software, we aim to help your team grow and scale with lasting results so you can crush your goals.

Katapult Engineering Services — Our Engineering Team uses Katapult Pro to assist an IOU with managing their application intake. We fully harness the platform to perform route determination, collect data, call make ready, conduct pole loading analysis, and follow up with post-construction inspections. With over 30 years in the industry, our expertise lets us assist utilities and attachers in everything from application management to attachment audits to one-touch make ready engineering.

We also offer consultation for attachers hoping to break into the area. Attachers can leverage our background in the industry to create new connections and provide robust services in new areas. We also offer one-touch make ready expertise so attachers can take advantage of the shorter FCC timelines to get on the pole faster.

Full-Stack Software

Our software offerings have been strengthened by service work across the country:

aerial view of map within Katapult Pro platform

Managing third-party attachments: Katapult Pro, is a full-stack solution for managing and processing third-party attachment applications. We offer integrated pole loading analysis for real-time results, and the option to export to O-Calc, SPIDAcalc, and PoleForeman. Our Make Ready Engineering offering allows users to create heatmaps of simple and complex make ready — right on top of their design.

Broadband Deployment: Katapult Pro is a comprehensive solution for planning, mapping, permitting, and collecting data for your OSP project.

Comprehensive Pole Audit: Katapult Pro is the perfect solution to design and collect data for a multitude of poles. No matter the complexity, Katapult Pro can store any number of poles and any depth of detail (conductor spec, guying, attachment owners, etc), and the findings can be linked back to legacy databases for work order generation or other necessary functions.

Our team loves a good challenge, and we love to serve the industry with our software expertise and experience on both sides of the pole owner/attacher equation. Contact us to learn more!

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