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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

This is an archived website page from 2016


Our software and services are custom-tailored to meet the requirements of every project. As a firm, we combine the following services to operate as a model shop for our software clients across North America:

Katapult Web Services Our Software Development Team actively develops our suite of web-based tools and applications designed to make joint use and OSP engineering simple for everyone. Our flagship offering, Katapult Pro, is a full-stack solution for utility pole data collection, analysis, and delivery. Using intuitive controls and simplified workflows, people new to the industry can get involved in design, collection, permitting, make ready, and pole loading — all in their first month on the job. Our third-party attachments front end allows utilities’ joint use departments to comprehensively manage pole applications from submission to final construction, no matter the timeline.

Katapult Engineering ServicesOur Engineering Team uses Katapult Pro to analyze data for a multitude of situations, though we specialize in pole attachment permitting, make ready engineering, and pole loading analysis. Our team processes all the data collected by our field crews as well as data collected by select clients using Katapult Pro for data collection.

Katapult Field Services In the field, our Engineering Team provides the boots on the ground necessary to collect data accurately and safely. Using the Katapult method of data collection, our team collects data with the highest level of accuracy much faster than the industry standard.


Our team’s goal is to be the technological backbone of the OSP engineering industry. We don’t have aggressive plans to conquer every market, and we have no problem equipping competitors with tools powerful enough to beat us. Instead, we want to help move the industry into the future and empower teams of all sizes to perform work safer, faster, and smarter so they can grow in a healthy way.

By leveraging GIS technology and web-based data platforms, we help our clients obtain more accurate utility pole height measurements while making more effective use of their staff and other resources. We provide make ready engineering services, pole loading analysis, and can create custom exports from Katapult Pro to almost any database, spreadsheet, or form.


Our software offerings have been strengthened by service work across the country:

Managing third-party attachments: the Katapult Front End, along with Katapult Pro, combine to form a full-stack solution for managing and processing third-party attachment applications. Since Katapult Pro can export to O-Calc, SPIDAcalc, and PoleForeman, loading analysis happens inside the Katapult ecosystem. Further, Katapult Pro Make Ready allows users to create heatmaps of simple and complex make ready — right on top of their design.

Comprehensive Pole Audit: Katapult Pro is the perfect solution to design and collect data for a multitude of poles. No matter the complexity, Katapult Pro can store any number of poles and any depth of detail (conductor spec, guying, attachment owners, etc), and the findings can be linked back to legacy databases for work order generation or other necessary functions.

Broadband Deployment: Katapult Pro is a comprehensive solution for planning, mapping, permitting and data collection for your OSP project.

Our team loves a good challenge, and we love to serve the industry with our software expertise and experience on both sides of the pole owner/attacher equation. Contact us to learn more!

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