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Our goal is to provide reliable utilities for people. We do this by partnering with major utilities and consulting with local attachers to ensure safe broadband deployment. The world of pole attachments is getting trickier to navigate, with an inundated market and an increased volume of applications placing heavy loads on utilities and attachers alike. We want to help lessen the load. 

Our services are tailored to help utility companies and attachers with the unique problems each faces. 

Services for Pole Owners 

We offer services to IOUs, Co-ps, and telephone  companies as well, to support the reliability of overhead distribution with experience in:

  • Joint use management for full-stack solutions from data collection to application intake to make ready engineering to delivery. 

  • Electrical make ready engineering and construction package generation. 

  • One-touch make ready expertise to assist in managing the FCC’s new timelines and promote a fast, safe attachment process.

  • Attachment audits to update and maintain attachment records and billing. 

  • Pole inspections to ensure a robust and safe grid within the footprint.

Services for Attachers 

We work with attaching companies and their vendors to provide:

  • Consultation in bringing reliable utilities to the greater Harrisburg area, leveraging 30+ years of experience. 

  • One-touch make ready engineering, offering expertise as an IOU-approved OTMR contractor. 

The pain and friction of the pole attachment process can create complications and cause teams to lose sight of the value they offer. We’re passionate about partnering with attachers and utilities in our backyard and across the country to secure reliable utilities for people. 

Contact us today to set up a free 60-minute meeting to discuss your project and needs!

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