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This is an archived website page from 2016

Katapult Engineering has been a leading OSP engineering, software development, and consulting firm since 1991. Our work ranges from being the boots on the ground for local utilities and fiber companies to developing software solutions to make collecting and processing this information easier than ever before.

No matter the requirements of your project, we’ll leverage our existing software solutions and create new ones to help you get the job done safer, faster, and more precisely. Based in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, we are a valued partner with PPL Electric Utilities and local engineering firms specializing in broadband deployment. We are industry experts and Katapult Pro is a go-to solution for utilities and third-party attachers across the country.


Katapult Engineering is a full-service OSP engineering and software development firm that works with utility companies and third parties across the nation. Our services can be broken down into three categories, though many projects pull from each:

Katapult Web Services Our Software Development Team actively develops our suite of web-based tools and applications designed to make joint use and OSP engineering simple for everyone. Our flagship offering, Katapult Pro, is a full-stack solution for utility pole data collection, analysis, and delivery. Using intuitive controls and simplified workflows, people new to the industry can get involved in design, collection, permitting, make ready, and pole loading — all in their first month on the job. Our third-party attachments front end allows utilities’ joint use departments to comprehensively manage pole applications from submission to final construction, no matter the timeline.

Katapult Engineering ServicesOur Engineering Team uses Katapult Pro to analyze data for a multitude of situations, though we specialize in pole attachment permitting, make ready engineering, and pole loading analysis. Our team processes all the data collected by our field crews as well as data collected by select clients using Katapult Pro for data collection.

Katapult Field ServicesIn the field, our Engineering Team provides the boots on the ground necessary to collect data accurately and safely. Using the Katapult method of data collection, our team collects data with the highest level of accuracy much faster than the industry standard.


Ultimately, our goal is to help the utility and telecommunication industries collect, process, and deliver better data. We solve workflow challenges that slow teams down, reduce the need for rework and multiple rideouts, and help mitigate risks associated with collecting field data. Data collected in our system is reliable, defensible, intuitive, and accessible to teams of all sizes and experience.


When it comes to growing our team, the focus has always been on finding the right people. To focus on people first means building a workflow and platform that can be used by people of all experience levels — not just industry experts. With tools like this, you can grow your team at your own pace — with people you can trust. We put our team to the test against bigger firms with more resources, and we always come out on top. In addition to our superior data, our Project Managers are excellent to work with, and our customer service is unparalleled.

Want to learn more about our solutions? Call or email us anytime!

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