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Pole Attachments Application Portal

Updated: Mar 6

Later this year, we will be releasing our updated joint use management offering, the Pole Attachments Application Portal. The Portal allows pole owners, attachers, and contractors to all view the status of relevant attachment requests at each step of the process. The Portal is designed to be used with Katapult Pro make ready engineering workflows to provide better visibility and shorten timelines across the board.

Default Implementation

The Pole Attachments Portal will be available with our default implementation but can also be configured to meet the specific needs of your market. Our default configuration:

  • Includes suggested application statuses, required attributes, and workflow

  • Leverages experience serving several pole owners and hundreds of attaching companies across the US

  • Avoids implementation delays and configuration headaches

  • Can be tweaked and edited at any time using configuration tools

Application Portal Workflow

Initial Configuration

The first step in the Portal workflow is to complete the initial configuration. During this step, you create the link between Katapult Pro and your facilities database, as well as set up your user structures and application types and statuses:

  • Post facility records to HTTP endpoint to be ingested regularly into the portal database

  • Configure applicant and contractor user structures and security requirements (MFA)

  • Add custom timelines and status actions for all application types

  • Automated email notifications

  • Log statuses or set timed events

  • Accept signatures and payments

  • Generate PDFs, maps, and other files

Automated email notifications generated by app statuses Katapult Pro portal

Post facility records to HTTP endpoint in Katapult Pro

Add custom timelines and status actions for all application types in Katapult Pro

Application Creation and Submittal

The two primary Portal views include a dashboard of all applications and an in-depth application view. On the dashboard:

  • Attaching companies and their contractors sign in to view existing applications and create new ones

  • Dashboard view is limited to applications submitted by your company or one of the attaching companies you are authorized to submit applications for

When creating an application in the app view:

  • Users can add poles to the application by searching IDs or selecting from a map

  • Users are prompted to enter required information such as cable weight and contact information as required by their application type

  • Submittal can kick off timelines and send automated notifications to all parties

  • The system automatically vets application quality to ensure applications are complete

Attach companies and their contractors sign in to view existing apps and create new ones. Add poles to applications by searching IDs or selecting from a map all in Katapult Pro portal

Application Tracking and Reporting

The dashboard can also be used for bulk app tracking and reporting:

  • Users can view application timelines and the timestamps of when they passed through each status

  • Admins can configure their dashboard headers for tracking applications as well as which attributes are searchable (such as pole tags and other pole data)

  • Users can download full or filtered application data for bulk reporting

applications can be viewed in a central dashboard where you can search/filter bu applicant, pole tag, status, or other attributes. View application timelines and view timestamps.

Integration with Engineering Tools

The Application Portal was built to be used with the rest of the Katapult Pro solution, which leverages real-time, transparent pole data to help pole owners, contractors, and applicants deploy broadband more safely and in fewer calendar days. The Portal integrates with engineering tools in many ways:

  • Submitted applications seed job data to begin the field collection and make ready engineering process

  • Survey data and make ready decisions can be viewed from the portal by all parties

  • Overhead facilities records allow frictionless pole loading using Katapult Pro Integrated Pole Loading (or export to external platform)

  • Portal timelines can kick-off post-construction inspections

  • Portal Status and attribute tracking can be used to create KPI dashboards

Thanks for reading! If your team would like to start using our Pole Attachments Portal, contact your client manager. For more information, contact us at or call us anytime at 717-502-4510!

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