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Pole Survey Solutions

Updated: Apr 4, 2023


For every time someone has asked me this, I’ve given a different answer. It’s difficult to fit all we do into a quick, neatly-worded explanation.

The simple answer is that we develop utility pole survey solutions.

Using a dynamic and highly-customizable platform, we design, collect, process, and deliver accurate (and defensible) data to clients faster than ever before. The platform also allows us to call make ready and perform pole loading analysis through easy software exports.

Though we sell this platform to subscribers across the globe, we also use it in-house for all of our service work. The majority of this work is data collection and processing, but we also do make ready and pole loading analysis for many of our clients.

With FCC pole attachment timelines as short as they are (and getting shorter), the speed at which pole data is collected, processed and delivered can make a major impact on a project’s deployment.

Our methodology allows a two-person team to collect between 100-200 poles in a single day, depending on the scope of work.

To process that data full-stack takes a bit longer. An office staff member can classify photos, measure attachment and equipment heights, trace cable ownership, call make ready, and perform pole loading analysis on about 30 poles in a single work day.

Here at 54 Old York Rd., we split up these responsibilities into an assembly line, so less technical team members can work on simpler workflows, while more experienced staff call make ready and perform pole loading analysis.

We also offer custom software solutions for utilities and third party attachers. By using a comprehensive system to curate and manage a pole database (one that also handles online attachment applications), utility companies can make joint use less of a hassle, while also preparing for the future of one-touch make ready.

If you have a high volume pole survey, a stack of profile sheets that needs to be pole loaded, or a joint use department that could benefit from our creative software solutions, give us a call!

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