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One Touch Make Ready Engineering Process

Updated: Apr 4

One Touch Make Ready Engineering allows for simple make ready engineering processes to be streamlined with one contractor performing all construction processes in the field. One Touch Make Ready has different protocols from state to state, but Katapult has designed a process that meets the requirements while saving all parties time and money. Here is the Katapult Process for One Touch Make Ready:

Application Submission

The applicant must submit an application for their project. Soon, applications will be submitted through a hub in Katapult Pro, in which an applicant will be able to view all their projects and see updates as their projects progress.


Once the application is submitted, Katapult or another approved engineering contractor will begin the predesign for the project. This process involves mapping out the specific poles and their locations in Katapult Pro.

Engineering Invoice

When engineering predesign is completed, the applicant will receive an invoice for this work. Invoices are typically paid electronically, but in some cases, invoices must be sent and paid by mail.

Data Collection

With predesign completed and paid for, field crews are sent to collect the data for the project. To learn more about data collection in Katapult Pro, click here.

Data Processing

Data from the field is brought back to the office. Here, Make Ready Engineering and Pole Loading Analysis can be performed on the poles. So long as complex make ready engineering is not required to complete the project, it can be a One Touch Make Ready project. Once this process is complete, a notification will be sent to the applicant by the engineering contractor.

Virtual Rideout

All parties with attachments on the poles in a specific project must have the opportunity to see the engineering that is occurring on the poles and their attachments. Rather than going out to the actual project site, Katapult hosts a “Virtual Rideout”, in which all parties can meet virtually to discuss the engineering that will be completed.

Power space engineering and permitting

At this point, the power company will have the opportunity to perform the power space engineering analysis on the affected poles. This process may also involve obtaining permits for specific situations, such as railroad crossings.

Submit Pole-Owner Applications

Before construction can begin, either the applicant or the engineering contractor must complete and submit all applications required by the power company.

Construction Invoice

The applicant will pay two invoices, one from the utility company for One Touch Make Ready, and the other from the construction contractor so that construction can begin.


Construction for One Touch Make Ready projects may only involve one contractor making all necessary moves of the attachments. However, if another attacher requires complex make ready for their attachments, they are required to make their own attachment moves. Either the applicant or construction contractor must verify that make ready construction is complete. Once verified, the new attachment can be built.

Post Construction Inspection

Once construction is completed, the power company will perform a post construction inspection on the poles to ensure that both make ready construction and the new attachment were built to the engineering specifications. If you have any questions about One Touch Make Ready, please contact

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