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One-Touch Make Ready Engineering Process in Katapult Pro

Updated: Feb 29

One touch make ready is the process that allows one contractor to make all or most attachments moves with only one visit to the pole. Instead of every attacher sending out their own crew to perform make ready, one touch engineering streamlines the make ready process for simple moves. However, contractors must be approved vendors to perform OTMR and meet certain requirements. These protocols can vary from state to state and utility to utility, but Katapult Pro lets users edit make ready rules to model the standards within their market. Here is the Katapult Process for One Touch Make Ready:

One-Touch Make Ready Application Submission

Application portal

The attacher must submit an application for their project. With Katapult Pro Application Management, applications can be submitted directly through the portal, so attachers have full visibility into all their projects and see updates as their projects progress.


project predesign

Once the application is submitted, Katapult or another approved engineering contractor will begin the predesign for the project. This process involves mapping out the specific poles and their locations in Katapult Pro.

Engineering Invoice

engineering invoice example

When engineering predesign is completed, the applicant will receive an invoice for this work. Invoices are typically paid electronically, but in some cases, invoices must be sent and paid by mail.

Data Collection

pole with height calibration and attachments

With predesign completed and paid for, field crews are sent to collect the data for the project. Katapult Pro Data Collection uses photogrammetry to gather defensible field data that can easily be referred back to during make ready. We go into more detail in our Field Manual.

Data Processing

pole with calibration and heights calibration next to an overhead aerial shotshot

After data is uploaded to the office, Make Ready and Pole Loading Analysis is run on the poles. As long as the engineering doesn't demand complex make ready moves, the application qualifies for one-touch engineering. After OTMR is complete, a notification will be sent to the applicant by the engineering contractor.

Virtual Rideout

virtual rideout example

All parties with attachments on the poles in a specific project must have the opportunity to review the proposed engineering for their attachments. Rather than going out to the actual project site, Katapult hosts a “Virtual Rideout”, so all attachers can meet virtually to go over construction.

Power Space Engineering and Permitting

pole photo with calibrated heights next to application job summary

At this point, the power company will have the opportunity to perform the power space engineering analysis on the affected poles. This process may also involve obtaining permits for specific situations, such as railroad crossings.

Submit Pole-Owner Applications

list of poles within a job

Before construction can begin, either the applicant or the engineering contractor must complete and submit all applications required by the power company.

Construction Invoice

Construction company invoice

The applicant will pay two invoices, one from the utility company for One Touch Make Ready, and the other from the construction contractor so that construction can begin.


construction crew performing construction

The beauty of one touch make ready engineering comes with simpliefied construction. With OTMR, one contractor can make all the necessary moves for the attachments. (However, if another attacher requires complex make ready for their attachments, they are required to make their own attachment moves.) Once the applicant or construction contractor verifies the one touch engineering is finished, the new attachment can be built.

Post-Construction Inspection

post construction inspection grade

After construction, the power company often does a post construction inspection to ensure both the make ready construction and the new attachment were built to the engineering specifications. If you have any questions about One Touch Make Ready, please contact

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