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The Katapult Method

Updated: Apr 4

This is an archived website page from 2016

Here at Katapult Engineering, our goal is to find innovative solutions for the toughest challenges in the utility and telecommunication industries. The present challenge? To raise the bar for data collection, analysis, and delivery for OSP and distribution engineering teams across the country.

Our industry is at the verge of taking a leap into the future. With new technology, even small teams can make a big splash in new markets by collecting better data—faster. Whether it’s utility pole audits, third-party attachments, make ready engineering, pole loading analysis, or distribution design, our team has a solution for you.

We’re glad you found us, and we hope you find the answers and solutions you’ve been looking for. Check out our other blogs for the most current news about our workflows and solutions. Want to know what our clients have to say? You can read their testimonials here.



At Katapult Engineering, our lives revolve around utility pole data collection, design, and engineering. After years of frustration with the OSP industry and traditional data collection practices, we decided to re-write the book and build a new workflow from the ground up. Our comprehensive software and highly efficient collection workflow allows our team to process 1,000 or more poles each week. Because our methodology doesn’t require years of experience, teams can scale up as quickly as needed for high-volume projects.

Our software stack is diverse. Katapult Pro allows users around the world to use the Katapult method no matter the scope, while our application portal makes third-party attachment paper free and easier than ever.

If your team is feeling the pressure of FCC timelines, make ready disputes, or pole loading requirements, give our team a call. We have experience with NESC and GO 95 make ready engineering, loading in numerous PLA platforms, and collecting highly accurate data for every scope.

We’re located in the beautiful town of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, just minutes away from the State Capitol and the historic battlefields of Gettysburg.


Katapult Pro: a comprehensive software solution for mapping, collecting, measuring, engineering, & delivering survey data.


Katapult Pro is a comprehensive software suite with modules designed for every scope and deliverable:

MapsKatapult Maps and Katapult Maps Mobile: an online GIS platform that makes it easy to draw, measure and collect data in the field using a live database connecting your data on every device.

Photos Katapult Photos allows users to store, measure, and deliver field data no matter the scope.

Make Ready Katapult Make Ready View combines intelligent warnings and an easy-to-use interface to make MRE calls easier than ever before.

Pole LoadingWith your client file or catalog, Katapult Pro can export cleanly to SpidaCalc, O-Calc Pro, PoleForeman, and more.

Administration and Job TrackingKatapult Pro admin users can use administrative tools to track their teams’ locations, and use job tracking to manage statuses and data across jobs.

White-Labeled ServersInterested teams can run the Katapult Pro software suite on private servers with their company’s name and a custom domain.


Our team succeeds by employing a unique and effective methodology in the office and the field.

Through a company-wide commitment to innovation and a solid foundation in the systems and technologies that most efficiently accomplish our objectives, our team is equipped to:

Collect and process field data. Katapult Engineering has a long history of designing, collecting, processing, and delivering highly accurate OSP data.

Manage third party attachments. Our third party attachment portal allows attachers to sign up online, select the poles they need to attach to, and submit their applications. The portal tracks the entire process from data collection to construction completion, alerting your team along the way to make sure you hit FCC pole attachment deadlines.

Document utility pole information. Katapult Engineering employs a photogrammetric method of pole measurement to “bring the field into the office.” Our OSP telecom engineers use digital photography to document the field, which is then stored and managed online, giving us tools for reviewing plans, making decisions, and processing data into the appropriate deliverable.

The only fully customizable & highly accurate pole data collection software that doesn’t require special equipment and you get a team of engineers to help you adapt!

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