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Attribute Tracking: The Basics

Updated: Apr 9

Attribute Tracking is a Katapult Pro functionality that tracks changes to the attributes on nodes, connections, and sections. This now includes changes such as moving nodes and sections, as well as tracking the deletion of nodes. This data is found under the job's metadata and the node info. Enabled at the company level, it works on any job model; when the functionality is activated, it's automatically turned on for any new jobs that you create, regardless of its job model. As far as the settings go, any duplicated job will adhere to the same settings as the original job.

The "Attribute History" tab can be found under the job metadata, which will show the latest updates to the job attributes (at the job level).

Clicking on a node to open the node info panel will also show you the "Attribute History," but specifically for the attributes on that node.

The "Show complete timeline" option, in either case, will allow you to see all the changes, not just the latest changes.

Export Attribute Tracking Data into a spreadsheet from the Download Manager to see changes made within the timeframe you specify.

So what doesn’t Attribute Tracking track? It doesn’t track who deleted jobs, sections, or connections. It doesn’t track updates via the API or photo markers.

If you're interested in using Attribute Tracking, reach out to our Support desk at 717-430-0910 or How can we improve our documentation? Let us know in the comments below!

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