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Offline Mode - Katapult Pro Mobile

Updated: Mar 27

With so many ongoing efforts to bring reliable internet service to underserved communities across the country, doing aerial/underground design and pole data collection offline is more important than ever before. Working offline in a real-time database can be really tough, but Katapult Pro Mobile makes up for this by defaulting to working offline; storing changes locally and resyncing with the database when service is available.

At, the cloud at the top of the page alerts the user of status of connection with the database. When service is available, the software syncs cached data back to the database, gathers aerial imagery, and refreshes any changes from desktop (this should be rare).

You can prep in advance for an area of poor connection by caching jobs (manage offline jobs button), and while you may lose aerial imagery, you can continue to design and collect data.

*NOTE: some Katapult Pro users have had success switch to airplane mode in areas of poor connection because partial, poor connectivity can cause more issues than being fully offline.

There are some precautions in place to prevent the corruption of offline data when going back online. If fielders ever have issues when re-syncing, they can go to “manage offline jobs” from the menu and press the three-dot menu to access the help button. Depending on your connectivity, this button will allow the device to either send us offline data automatically or download offline data that can be emailed to

Questions? Contact the Katapult Pro support team at 717-430-0910 or email!

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