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  • Adam Schmehl

Katapult Pro Update! BYO-GPS

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added the capability to use your GPS location to automatically place poles. In areas where aerial photography is outdated or has significant foliage obscuring poles, this new feature can be a great alternative to triangulating the pole’s location from the field. Simply walk to the pole you want to place, and press a button on your device.

How to make it all work:

1. First, you have to enable developer options on your device. This is done by going to settings>about phone.

2. Scroll down to build number, and click on that seven times to enable developer mode.

3. Once that is done, you can go to settings: developer options, and look for “Allow Mock Locations.”

4. Enable that option, which will let us substitute GPS data from your device for the hardwired AGPS that comes with your phone.

5. To do this you’ll need an additional application to read the GPS data and submit it as the phone’s location. Bluetooth GPS by GG MobLab (available for free from the Google Play Store) worked for us.

With this quick update, Katapult Pro can now take full advantage of GPS to help your pole designs be more accurate than ever, and better fit your workflow

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