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Katapult Pro Training and Certification (2023)

Updated: Apr 25

As the Katapult Pro platform grows to support more comprehensive features and a wider user base, it’s essential for our team to be able to support scalable onboarding and provide teams with an assurance of their proficiency in the platform. We’re thrilled to start rolling out a new training framework and accompanying certification program to support our growing teams.

This program is designed to:

  • help users gain a thorough understanding of the functionalities of Katapult Pro

  • support users with documentation and reference materials

What does training look like?

There are two methods of training available: self-serve online training, and guided training with an expert Katapult employee. Guided training, usually conducted virtually, can be comprehensive or tailored to cover specific functionalities of Katapult Pro.

Training has been categorized into 5 units to start:

  • Project Management - details on power tools and organizational automation to simplify team and project management.

  • Data Collection - focuses on the equipment, field collection workflow, and other details field techs and managers must know to be successful.

  • Data Processing - discusses how to process collected data in Katapult Pro, including photo calibration, association, measurement, and tracing.

  • Analysis - outlines how to use make ready and pole loading tools to make great engineering decisions.

  • Delivery - reviews export and deliverable options for Katapult Pro datasets.

How long does training take?

Self-guided training does not have a time limit and is always available to Katapult Pro users. Guided training will take roughly three hours per unit, usually spread out over a few weeks.

What does it cost?

Katapult Pro training for 1 unit is $219 per user and $876 per user for all units.

How do I sign up for training?

Please contact Trey Sobiech at if you are interested in either of our training programs.

Will I be a Katapult Pro expert once I’ve completed training?

Everyone who participates in guided training with our team will have the opportunity to complete a certification program at no additional cost. Users will be assessed on their knowledge of how to perform essential tasks in Katapult Pro and will answer questions to evaluate their understanding of the software’s capabilities. Those who pass will become certified at the corresponding Katapult Pro unit(s).

Any user who completes self-serve training or was trained by our team in previous years can request certification for any unit for $55, or all units for $219.

For any additional questions, please contact support at or our Sales Team at

*All rates reflect Katapult Pro 2023 pricing.

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