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Pole Audits

Updated: Mar 6


Our team specializes in developing software for high-volume utility pole audits and surveys conducted across wide geographic distances. From joint use management to asset inventory, whatever the requirements of your project, we can help your team put boots on the ground and crush every deadline. We’ve invested in the processes, software, and technology to simplify utility pole auditing across large areas, saving you time, increasing safety, and eliminating the need for trained engineers to be present during the data collection and documentation processes. Read on to learn more, or contact our office directly to discuss your field requirements for any upcoming pole audit or survey.


Aerial map showing nodes next to a picture of a telephone pole.

Managing the installation and administration of joint use attachments on utility poles doesn’t have to be a headache. Katapult Engineering’s utility survey services can make it easy:

  • Improve the accuracy of data collection in the field, making sure all parties have the information necessary to add attachments and make other decisions as necessary

  • Increase the safety of workers in the field, reducing your liability and speeding up project delivery times

  • Assist in one touch make ready applications

  • Streamline communication between utility companies and third-party attachers

  • Verify attachment counts of third party communication attachments, preventing both lost-revenue and overbilling, helping to simplify accounting


Person in PPE takes a picture of a telephone pole

When used in conjunction, the Katapult method and Katapult Pro eliminate communication gaps, safety risks, and countless other headaches involved in collecting, analyzing, and delivering field data:

The Katapult method: our unique methodology for collection involves two-person crews who document all necessary pole photos using cameras. The most important photo of each pole is the height shot, which is taken with a Katapult-approved camera lens so that we can calculate precise heights, even up to 50′. Once the crews return from the field, they upload their photos to our software which allows engineers to analyze the data remotely.

Katapult Pro: once the photos have been uploaded to our system, our Engineering Team analyzes each pole to deliver to the client. The biggest advantage of our system is that you can quickly translate pole data across a multitude of scopes, whether it’s third-party attachment permitting, pole loading analysis, or make ready engineering.

The process is simple, effective, and based on more than 25 years of experience. We love finding ways to do this work smarter and over-delivering on clients’ expectations.


From make ready to pole loading, or performing joint use NJUN ticket audits, exporting data into SPANS, or any other OSP engineering project, Katapult Engineering has a solution for you. We have the team and the technology to make accurate data collection and processing safe, simple, and affordable. Have a high-volume utility pole audit? Katapult Pro is a comprehensive solution that will speed up your team and help increase your margins. Call or email Katapult HQ today!

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