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Katapult Pro Update Overview (January 2023)

As we come to a close in 2022, we want to start the new year with an overview of some exciting changes to Katapult Pro. This new, 6.0 release is currently available at (or if you’re on a private server, at your private server’s “next” URL). It will be more broadly released later this month.

Map Updates

  • Move anchors with ease using the precision move anchor feature

  • For the pole filter list on the Maps page, use custom filtering logic to find what you need

  • Leverage the “pdga” shortcut to place proposed down guys and anchors

  • Use Make Ready Alternate Designs to edit, view, and store alternate make ready designs on poles

Map Styles Updates

  • Save a Default Map Styles per job model

  • Use custom logic for Map Styles in the Map Styles Editor

Map Prints Updates

  • Choose a different map style for your Map Print than the style used for your map

  • Do more styling with annotations, including editing leaders’ color, size, and shape

  • See more options for seeding annotations, including custom filtering for seeding them

Learn more about our Map Prints updates in our Saved Views and Map Prints manual.

Model Editor Updates

Learn more about our Model Editor updates in our Model Editor manual.

New! Logic Editor

  • Create your own custom logic using the Logic Editor, which is found in features such as the new configurable QC feature and the Map Styles Editor

Thanks for reading! If you run into any issues or have questions, contact us at

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