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Washington Broadband Case Study

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Who: Washington Broadband Where: Yakima, Washington Product: Katapult Pro

In August, 2016, a small internet service provider based in Yakima, Washington faced a dilemma. They had just purchased a company with a cable distribution network, but they had no idea what shape it was in. Not only that, but they also needed to survey and catalog each utility pole supporting the network. They realized they needed a survey tool that was fast, efficient, and would allow their team to thoroughly document their new purchase. After months of searching, they learned about our team here at Katapult Engineering. Washington Broadband got in touch with us and wanted more information about Katapult Pro and the Katapult method of data collection.

In case you’re new to our family of software, Katapult Pro is an OSP engineering data collection and delivery tool. It utilizes photogrammetry to accurately and efficiently gather data. Because Katapult Pro separates field collection and office processing, it allows field crews to focus on gathering data and office personnel to focus on processing the data. Our licensing model focuses on simultaneous users, so you won’t be stuck paying tens of thousands for a site license just so a few people can use the software.

After only a couple hours of conversation, Washington Broadband realized we were exactly what they needed. Because the Katapult method is scalable, it works for small footprints as well as large ones. And, in the case of Washington Broadband, it allows a small team to handle a much larger footprint than they could normally handle. They needed to survey the condition of their network rapidly and thoroughly, while also maintaining their existing support contracts. Within a matter of days, we shipped the necessary equipment to Yakima and had Washington Broadband set up with Katapult Pro.

Shortly after Washington Broadband logged on, they started surveying their network. Because Katapult Pro uses established field procedures, it eliminates wasted time and energy of constant decision making and value judgments. These decisions slow down crews and are hard to teach, making training both time consuming and expensive. Using Katapult Pro, Washington Broadband was able to equip competent (but previously untrained) crews within a matter of hours. They took full advantage of the Katapult method, surveying thousands of poles in a short period of time. Now, they have the tools they need to keep accurate data on their complete fiber network and the ability to update their data as and when needed.

Time and time again, our customers tell us Katapult Pro increases their efficiency, decreases field collection errors, and speeds up their survey turn-around time.

Join the Washington Broadband team and so many other satisfied Katapult Pro customers by signing up today!

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