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Getting Started With Integrated Pole Loading

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Katapult Pro Integrated Pole Loading is a new offering that helps your designers get real-time loading results without ever leaving the Katapult Pro platform. A company subscription to this service offering allows all users to load an unlimited number of poles as many times as necessary to ensure a safer, more reliable electrical system.

How to get started:

  • Contact your client manager. They'll ask some questions to make sure we can support you well and help walk you through the following steps quickly.

  • Start internal testing. Once Integrated Pole Loading is configured, your team should review some sample poles or small projects to review the results and understand the calculations. Make sure to also check out the information below. You can check out our documentation here or contact your client manager to schedule training and certification. Our support team is always on standby to help answer questions.

  • Continuous improvement. We'll be in touch as new features are released and as we continue to upgrade our loading engine. You can also reach out to us if you need to update your loading specifications or set up a new market with Integrated Pole Loading!

Helpful Information About Our Loading Engine:

  • We calculate all connected poles necessary in your model in real-time to get a precise tension value for pole-to-pole guys. Tension values can be found in the loading report.

  • Wire tensions are calculated using all connections to a crossover, which enables an accurate loading result.

  • Though there are many approaches to calculating tensions in down guys, we utilize a continuum mechanics solution that’s unique to our platform.

  • Users don’t need to manually enter values for ruling spans as it is automatically calculated for the whole trace between deadends. The calculated value can be seen in midspan wire details.

  • We model all our wires using discrete tension values for simple import of spec tables.

  • All loading specifications used for the loading engine are attributed to a “*_spec” attribute (ex. pole_spec, anchor_spec, wire_spec) which are editable in the Model Editor

  • Our ruling span calculations account for the entire span, deadend-to-deadend, or until breaking angles are greater than 60°.

  • You can utilize custom insulator/wire offsets on arms as long as every insulator/wire on the arm has a custom offset.

  • Our calculations for catenary curves account for added sag and weight from ice/wind

  • The Pole Spec is what is used to calculate strength, and can be generated based off of groundline circumference. To account for difficult measurement or mismeasurement from the field, make sure to use the Effective Groundline Circumference attribute to override the Pole Spec's default circumference.

Current limitations are listed at the bottom of our Integrated Pole Loading Manual.

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