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Katapult Engineering Field Maps

Our customer base has been asking us for years for a more comprehensive field tool.

We built for the photogrammetry portion of our workflow, and it enables anyone to take a photo of a pole and get cable heights for clearance requirements, make ready, and to collect data for pole loading. Now, we are taking a shot at an online mobile GIS system that allows you to draw live on clear imagery from almost any device. No need for custom hardware or special programs to run locally on your device. Mapper will run fully online using very little data. Quickly draw, measure, and collect necessary data from the field. Our crews are loving not being tethered to the vehicle, and love the responsiveness and ease of use.

Mapper in action. The green lines represent the connections between the poles that the client is needing data from. The Purple lines are reference spans, spans that could be affected by make ready.

One of the coolest features is that it's completely live all the time. If you are working on a job in the field the project manager in the office can see in real time what is being designed and can work on the same project, so there is no need to email files, KMLs or shipping thumb-drives all over the country. Currently, Katapult Engineering does not have a release date for this field tool to be purchased or integrated into for our growing client base. Look for updates and happenings throughout the summer!

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