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Katapult Pro Export to O-Calc Pro

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The current trend for OSP field collection teams has been the inclusion of pole loading analysis in the delivery of collected pole data, usually mandated by the contracts of several utility companies. If you collect poles by sticking heights and copying data down on pole head sheets, only to have to enter your data into pole loading software, you know that it’s a pain to tediously enter duplicate data into two separate systems just to deliver your data. Well, Katapult Pro has been exporting individual poles and entire jobs of poles into both SPIDACalc’s software and PowerLine Technology’s PoleForeman software for a while now, and as of late November 2016, Katapult Pro can now export poles directly into Osmose’s O-Calc Pro (.pplx) files using data that you collect and enter into our system!

If you are just checking Katapult Pro out, and you haven’t yet used our software, we provide a safe, efficient, and scalable method to both collect and process pole data. It means that you can use our software for small jobs of just a few poles or for huge jobs of several hundred poles. Since the bulk of the work is done in the office, it means that you can shorten the time you spend in the field, and now, after keying in all of your data from the pictures you took in the field, you can generate .pplx files to send as your deliverable - all from the office!

For current user’s of Katapult Pro, this won’t make any changes to your data or how it’s collected. You will still capture photographs in the field using cameras and height sticks, and you will still do all of the office processing that you are currently doing. Now at the end of the process to deliver your job, you can choose what type of export you want and Katapult Pro will export your data in a nice deliverable format!

So if you currently need to work in O-Calc as part of your contract, and you don’t want to collect and enter your data in twice, consider trying Katapult Pro and subscribe. That way you can continue to work in O-Calc to see the 3D model of your pole, but you can also work in a system that allows for quick and easy collection and processing of your data. It’s the best of both worlds!

Visit Katapult Pro for more info!

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