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Katapult Pro PoleForeman Export

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

If you’ve used PoleForeman (created by PowerLine Technology), you know it’s a powerful pole loading analysis program. From creating and testing new power line infrastructure, to running pole loading analysis on existing power and communications infrastructure, PoleForeman exceeds where many other programs fall short. Creating 3D models from pole profile sheets is a difficult but necessary process, familiar to many engineers. If you’re figuring out span lengths, angles, power drops and taps, or pole positions, you know some of the tedium. PoleForeman recently introduced the ability to import JSON-formatted pole data. This is where Katapult Pro comes in.

Perhaps you’ve been a long-time user of Katapult’s services, or you’re just checking us out for the first time. Katapult Pro offers a safe, efficient, accurate, scalable method for OSP field collection and office processing. Our software is flexible, extensible, and constantly improving. One of the latest improvements to our software stack is the ability to export data to PoleForeman. This includes not only individual poles, but entire jobs. Exporting pole data greatly expedites the process of PLA. Our software scales quickly and removes the most tedious steps of building poles in PoleForeman.

If you’re already familiar with Katapult Pro, you’ll appreciate being able to quickly create 3D models from the online interface you know (if you use a 3D modeling program other than PoleForeman, check out our posts on exporting to SPIDA and O-Calc). It’s as easy as selecting the job or pole you’d like to model and downloading the data in the JSON format. Fire up PoleForeman and import your poles! You’ll be presented with a list of poles available to analyze. Select a pole, analyze it for horizontal and vertical loading, or make adjustments as needed. The data you can import into PoleForeman includes spans, angles, phases, power equipment, risers, power spec, joint use cable diameters, cable identification, down guys, etc. Whether you’re working from pole head sheets or calibrated images using our photogrammetry system, you’ll appreciate the ability to work more quickly and more accurately, while reducing the time spent in Pole Foreman.

Using Katapult Pro in conjunction with PoleForeman makes it so much easier to create span lengths, set angles, enter power spec, and more. With many utility companies now requiring pole loading analysis for third-party attachers, exporting to PoleForeman from Katapult Pro is a life saver. We’ve taken the power of PoleForeman and the scalability and accuracy of Katapult Pro and made them work for you!

Visit Katapult Pro for more info.

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