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Katapult Pro SPIDACalc Export

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

At Katapult Engineering, we talk a lot about pole loading analysis.

Whether it's using these programs for our day-to-day work, reviewing them for the OSP industry, or customizing our software for quick exports, pole loading is a huge part of what we do.

Recently, we added a feature for our SPIDACalc custom export which allows users to view both proposed and existing layers for a pole while using SPIDACalc.While this is particularly helpful to see whether or not a pole was failing before the addition of a new cable, there are additional benefits to viewing these two layers side by side.

With this feature, users can view the effects of make ready changes, and compare the changes to the pole's load. Additionally, you can add a "remedy" layer to fix a make ready/proposed change that causes a pole to fail. As always, testing these layers in SPIDACalc is simple and straightforward. If you collect your data in Katapult Pro, exporting simply requires you to check the correct box, and then open the downloaded file in SPIDACalc.

If you're already using Katapult Pro but want a custom pole loading export, give us a call and we'll have one of our friendly coders set you up.

Still using pole profile sheets? We can transfer your data into our software for a quick export into the pole loading analysis software of your choice.

For questions or demos, please contact us!

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