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Limiting Field Exposure With Virtual Rideouts

Updated: Jan 4

If your team is anything like ours, not being in the office together is taking its toll. We've been trying to push collaboration and fun even while working remotely, but it's difficult to capture the value of being together when we're all in separate locations. As we wrestle with this challenge, we also feel blessed that a lot of our work can be done remotely.

Using Google Hangouts Meet to get face-to-face time while working from home.

The Katapult Pro workflow is designed to minimize time spent in the field, which allows less experienced staff to quickly and safely document field conditions using cameras. Because field crews move so quickly, their field exposure is limited. Additionally, the methodology minimizes re-visits by simplifying the field process.

Solo field tech collects photos for post-construction inspections.

Once the photos have been uploaded, the rest of the process can be done remotely. Designers and engineers can access the map and photos to analyze existing conditions, propose make ready engineering solutions to accommodate a new attachment, and deliver projects back to the client—all from anywhere in the world.

Another crucial piece of limiting field exposure is virtual rideouts. Rideouts traditionally involve multiple parties and physical presence in the field in order to approve pole attachment applications. Because all engineering is done remotely inside Katapult Pro, our team can host virtual rideouts, reviewing all make ready calls and looking at existing conditions alongside all parties. This can be particularly helpful for handling the pole attachments process as well as make ready disputes or misunderstandings.

Virtual rideouts are also used to address deficiencies identified during post construction inspections to ensure that make ready construction contractors are following the engineering plan.

PCI in and of itself can be expensive and time-consuming, and the burden of scheduling rideouts should there be deficiencies complicates the process further. Conducting rideouts virtually helps resolve issues discovered in post construction inspections faster, since vendors, contractors, and pole owners can discuss issues and solve problems from the office instead of the field.

Post Construction Inspection with Katapult Pro

In our next article, we'll talk more about how the digital transformation of the industry is accelerating broadband deployment! Thanks for reading—reach out to us at if you want to know more about virtual rideouts!

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