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Mapping Made Easy

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Our field crews collect data on 1000+ poles, in multiple markets, on a weekly basis. This means that finding advantages in the smallest margins is crucial to maintaining profitability.

A savings of 15 seconds per pole, for example, could allow a field crew to collect as much as 50 more poles in a given day.

Designing our jobs in the office is a crucial way that we improve our field teams' efficacy and speed during collection. While we may occasionally miss a necessary branching span or misplace a pole by a few feet, these small changes are easy to fix in the field on our mobile app.

To design from the office, we use our mapping tool. Typically, we can see poles' shadows in satellite view, which allows us to place our line with ease.

In some areas, however, Street View is needed to find and place the poles. Large jobs in a city may require hours of careful Street View maneuvering before they ready for collection teams. Street View is not always clear, and it can be hard to decipher (or even remember) exactly what direction you are facing or which pole is correct.

Now that you're all spun around and disoriented, finding poles and mapping branching spans is very difficult. To remedy this disorientation, our team created a map overlay that indicates your location, as well as the direction your Street View window is facing.

The orange circle indicates your Street View position, while the arrow indicates the direction you are facing.

You can also click and drag this indicator to move your Street View window to another location in your job.

Interested in a demo of our software? Contact me at!

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