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Pole Audit Solutions

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In my last article, I talked about how Katapult Pro helps users visualize pole data. Because the platform allows users to map and organize hundreds of poles, it is an ideal choice for utility pole audits.

Pole audits are crucial for surveying undocumented attachments, systematically upgrading distribution, and taking inventory of newly acquired assets.

In the right scenario, surveying undocumented attachments can be exceedingly valuable to pole owners. For utility companies who have identified problem spots with a specific attacher, a thorough and efficient audit could result in tens of thousands of dollars in reclaimed revenue.

Similarly, systematic upgrades can get a boost from pole audit data. Whether it's replacing streetlights, introducing animal mitigation tools or phasing out specific equipment, an efficient audit will result in serious savings. Katapult Pro allows large numbers of users to view and edit the same job concurrently, encouraging transparency and improving team communication.

In many situations, we've seen that taking inventory of acquired assets is an excellent use of the Katapult method's unique data collection workflow. Due to a limited scope, a two-person field crew can collect more than 250 poles each day. Teams can quickly take the photos they need and continue on their way. Back in the office, your team will have defensible photo data for each pole.

Our platform is designed to efficiently document preexisting conditions and provide defensible height data for make ready disputes. Because Katapult Pro data is visually-oriented, you can also get a high-level overview of your data and design at a glance.

The Katapult method is easy to learn and can scale quickly. If your team needs to conduct an audit, Katapult Pro may be the perfect solution. Email me at or call me at 717-502-4513 for more information!

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