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The Greatest Clients On Earth

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

To all of our software users across the US and Canada, we want to take a moment to say "thank you."

A few years ago, we only had a few clients in the Katapult Pro platform. Our internal engineering team was using our new, web-based platform to collect utility pole data safer and more effectively than ever before—and we were excited to share the platform with the rest of the industry.

We are so thankful for those teams that joined us early on and trusted our system as the tech solution supporting their most valuable contracts. Thank you for partnering with us to make the system better, not only for your team but also for the industry as a whole.

To the first firm that adopted the platform on a larger scale, thank you for being willing to put your name on our system, and for selling services using new, cutting-edge technology to larger players in the industry. Thank you for sharing our vision for the industry and negotiating fair exchange that was beneficial for everyone involved.

To the small shops that wanted to compete on a bigger stage: thank you for choosing us. We have been grateful for the opportunity to equip your team to win bigger and bigger projects.

To all the field crews who deploy each day with an SLR camera, a phone on their wrist, and a 17' leveling rod, thank you. What you do isn't easy, and it has a significant impact on broadband deployment and maintaining the reliability of our electrical distribution grid. Thank you for the long hours in the heat and the cold, and for finding ways to capture great data even when you're bleeding from thorns or your fingers are numb from the biting cold. Thank you to all the crews who have called us from the field when you needed help, and for calling just to say how fast the Katapult Method is compared to a more traditional approach (these comments make our day).

We're also thankful to the back office specialists who process dozens of poles a day in the Katapult Pro platform. It can be a tough job to problem-solve utility pole data, especially when you weren't the one in the field taking the photos. Thank you for all the hours each week you spend in our system, making sure that your projects get out the door on time. Thank you for keeping a tight feedback loop with your field crews to minimize mistakes and to keep the project moving smoothly. Thank you for calling and trusting us when you have questions about the system.

To those of you who preface every question with "I have a stupid question...", there's no such thing. Thank you for all the questions, and for your commitment to making the software work for your project and your team. Every question you ask helps us grow the platform and get better at explaining things that aren't quite as simple as we thought. If you have no questions for us, it's either because the software is perfect or because our solution isn't valuable to your team anymore. Since we will never achieve perfection, I hope the questions keep coming!

To the first teams who chose to use Katapult Pro for small cell deployment, thank you for working with us to build new features and for helping us better understand what carriers are looking for as our cities move toward next-generation wireless.

Thank you to all the Katapult Pro champions who were hooked on the system since the first time they saw it. Thank you for challenging the traditions of our industry and for fighting for better ways to collect and deliver pole data. Thank you for working with our developers to create custom solutions and for bringing Katapult Pro to new markets across North America. Two years, ago, I knew very little about the industry. After working with your teams in countless markets with a multitude of clients and utilities, that has changed. Thank you for your patience and for helping us find ways to positively impact the OSP and distribution industries.

In an industry full of Non-Competes and NDAs, thank you for choosing to contribute to something that makes the whole industry better. Whatever your motivations, you've poured unselfishly into a platform that builds on the experience and innovation of OSP and distribution engineering teams across the country. Each of our clients has benefitted from the Katapult network in a multitude of ways.

Thank you to our clients on the west coast whose projects catalyzed the development of our Make Ready tool, and the clients (and our own staff) in the Northeast pushing for Offline Mode. To those pushing for standardized post-construction surveys (sometimes called post fiber inspections), thank you for working with us to create a vision for a post-construction workflow in Katapult Pro.

To our newer clients who travel to Dillsburg, PA to train on Katapult Pro with us, thank you for going out of your way and trusting our experts to lay a solid foundation for your project. Every time we meet a new team, we gain invaluable experience and are better positioned to help you and future clients down the road.

From all of us here at Katapult Engineering, thank you for being such an important part of our mission to become the industry standard. We're so grateful to you for pushing the telecommunications and utility industries forward, one pole at a time.

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