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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

This is an archived website page from 2016



Managing resources around utility projects and related work is a complex task. Our custom software gives project managers intuitive tools that help them work more effectively. Some of the applications we’ve developed include:

Scheduler Scheduler is a scalable tool for organizing training sessions, classes and events across multiple days and times, at multiple locations and with multiple instructors. Search events by room and time, find open classes, and prevent conflicts and overbooking. With Scheduler, data is updated in real-time so users always have access to the latest information.

Permit TrackerAs the name implies, Permit Tracker manages and tracks the processing of applications at PPL’s Environmental Group. The organization monitors utility poles and structures in environmentally protected areas. With Permit Tracker, staff members have a searchable database of all applications and in-progress jobs that provides at-a-glance budgeting, planning, scheduling and more.

FEG OutageFEG Outage is a tool for planning large-scale grid maintenance and development projects. The program allows engineers and project managers to look into the future and anticipate when outages are planned, avoid scheduling conflicts and determine the best way to replace, build or maintain transmission lines.

Streetlights Portal The Street Lights Portal allows utility customers to request changes to their account online, using a map to ensure clarity and reduce confusion. The portal keeps track of requests and manages changes to a utility’s streetlight infrastructure, allowing installers to update the utility database simply by scanning a QR code on the equipment using their own smartphone.


Katapult Engineering builds custom-tailored solutions for your team to leverage. Our products are designed to bring the field into the office, allowing OSP engineers to store and manage photos and other information, extrapolate data to make informed decisions, and simplify workflows around permitting and PPL applications. Read on to learn more about our field tools, and custom software capabilities.


Katapult Engineering’s field tools are designed for easy data collection and processing. Current applications include: — Use to simplify the data collection process. The program is an online platform that’s easy to use and fully cloud-based, requiring no hardware or custom programs. also makes live data accessible from anywhere and frees OSP field engineers from the burden of being tethered to their vehicle.


Katapult Engineering designs and maintains the front end portal for submitting third party utility pole attachment applications to PPL Electric Utilities. Using a live database of all poles eligible for attachment, clients can review pole data and submit an application directly to PPL. It’s fast, easy and makes the process entirely paperless. Sign up for your account and submit an application today!

Anyone in the industry can tell you that Make Ready Design and Engineering and Pole Loading calculations are some of the biggest challenges facing joint use applicants today. Utilities are getting bogged down with the amount of work it takes to do these tasks, slowing down application approvals and completion of make ready services. More and more utilities are requiring third party and joint use applications to include details which require applicants to make use of Pole Loading Analysis (or PLA) software or a P.E. to perform make ready engineering. Both of these are time consuming and difficult to scale– which means they are expensive and put limits on what you can accomplish.

Saving time on these processes has real benefits to your bottom line. When Katapult Engineering was tasked with performing this work, we knew we had to adapt or we would lose the exact type of work that our company was built upon; so we looked to our flexible, internal software to help us survive. We built direct exports from our web-based platform that can be used in PLA such as O-CALC, Pole Foreman and SPIDACalc, and made sure that our software would be as simple and adaptable as possible. Now the same software that we built is in use by applicants and utilities alike to perform NJUNS ticket audits, verify loading conditions on utility poles, and design and manage builds from backhaul to FTTH.

Using our web services, utilities can request field data collection with a single click, and receive a pole loading results or an import ready model within a few days. By combining our solutions to fit their needs, utilities and applicants have sped up their approval process by collaborating over a unified online set of intuitive, easy to understand data. To learn more about the services we provide or request a custom solution, contact us!

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