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Version 5.1 Update Overview

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Preceding the push of our Version 5.1 update, we wanted to provide an overview of the changes to come with Version 5.1.

Katapult Pro Feedback

  • The Feedback tool allows users working together on a job to leave comments on a node and start up a conversation with the person that did the work on it. This tool allows for communication to flow naturally through the system.

Learn more about the Feedback tool in our Katapult Pro Feedback manual.

Model Editor Updates

  • Edit access to models can now be restricted to company admins. Please contact Support at to configure this for you.

  • Under the Mobile Assessment options in the Model Editor, you can now limit the Mobile Assessment to only assess existing locations, or place and assess new locations.

  • Custom icons and reference layers are now available and can be created from the Model Editor.

For more details on these updates, check out our Model Editor (Version 5.1 Update) manual.

Map Updates

  • Company admins now have the ability to transfer jobs to another company that already exists in the Katapult system.

  • Under the Job Chooser, Map Styles can be applied to an entire folder of jobs.

  • Job Snapshots are available. Job Snapshots essentially make a duplicate of the job at that point in time, which can be used at a later date as a backup for the job.

For more details on these updates, check out our Map Overview Manual (Version 5.1 Update).

Office Tools Update

Power Office Tools Update

  • With the Multi-Edit Attribute Tool, you can remove specific instances of an attribute (in addition to removing all instances of an attribute). This means you can specify in which scenarios an attribute should be removed.

  • With the Multi-Delete Tool, you can now select between nodes, connections, or sections to delete, allowing you the ability to delete more specific data within a job.

For more details, visit our Office Power Tools (Version 5.1 Update) manual.

Map Prints

  • Landscape orientation is now available for Map Prints! You can also update the scale for icon sizes and the width of map annotations’ outlines.


  • WMS layers can now be utilized on mobile. Reach out to to have this configured.

  • Within the Mobile Assessment, dropdown attributes can be rendered as proper, searchable dropdowns. As shown in the image below, when you add an assessment step that’s a “Set Attribute” type and referencing a dropdown attribute, you’ll have “Additional Attribute Options” where you can select to have the dropdown attribute displayed as a “dropdown.” (Previously the dropdown was not searchable and rendered as a list of buttons.)

Thanks for reading! If you run into any issues or have any questions, contact us at

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